Summer Term 1 (17th April-25th May 2018)

Spring Term 2 (19th February-29th March 2018)

Spring Term 1 (3rd January-9th February 2018)


The children have been enjoying our theme 'Winter'

We also celebrated Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday

Autumn Term 2

(October 30th-December 20th)

We have been enjoying lots of halloween activities including Pumpkin Play, Making Pumpkin cakes and exploring spiders, jelly worms and other 'Ghastly' crafts. We talked about Bonfire night and created firework pictures using very bright paint and cardboard tubes.

The children have been creating Poppies for rememberance day and even made red and black crowns too.

We are well on our way with Christmassy activities and crafts, however you will have to wait for the end products when the children bring these home to share with you!


Autumn Term 1

September 5th-October 20th



 The children have settled beautifully after the long summer break. We have welcomed our new children to Room 1 who are thoroughly enjoying their new environment.