We love reading your comments on your childs tapestry observations each week. There is nothing more rewarding knowing how your child is enjoying preschool and how they are taking their learning home to share with you. 

Jack always enjoys himself so much at pre school, thank you ??

Haha wow, that sounds like a very eventful day and full of train related fun! Thank you for asking him to take the book in and facilitating so many activities that he would have loved. We often have a game of trains at home...it involves lots of rules which Ben has drawn up over time! ??He absolutely loves going to Preschool and I completely understand why, we couldn't have chosen a better one for him! Thank you again!

wow what a great idea of freezing animals...bet she loved that. Poppy absolutely loves school. your doing a great job with her. ??

Rose loved this and has continued playing at home!

It’s great to see what mason gets up to at pre school other than getting the big bike ?? 

I could tell he has really enjoyed all the Penguin activities; he has been chatting away about them each night. The first thing he told us that Penguins don’t fly in the sky but can swim in water...he learns so much at Pre-School and gets so excited about telling us all about it. It’s so lovely to see!
We were doing rhyming words on the way to school this morning and now seeing his tapestry I can see where he learns things , which is nice as he doesn’t always remember ??

Aww it sounds like lots of fun has been had by all. All the activities you do with the children are fab. It’s makes me feel much less guilty for being at work when I know he’s having lots of fun and learning so much. 
At home Jacob enjoys row your boat and the wheels on the bus. ??