Our Visit to The Grove Care Home

What a great time we had, visiting The Grove this morning! The children were really sensible on the walk to and from The Grove, we all held hands, used the zebra crossing to cross the road and always looked both ways before crossing. When we got there the ladies had set out some colouring books and paper and pens for us to use and there were also some games too. Some of the residents came to talk to us and we were very polite when we answered. We were also given a drink of orange squash and a biscuit! Margaret read us a story and we sang them a couple of songs before we said goodbye. I think they'll look forward to us going back. 

Parent Feedback from Tapestry

Lovely pictures looks like they made some lovely ladies smile. Really support these visits very beneficial to both sides jasmine said she enjoyed the story and would like to go again.

Luna loved her visit to Grove today and kept telling me about the bowling.... and biscuits ?? I was given details of full route you took walking there on the way home! Luna said she can’t wait to go back and see the ladies again. Rose Bunn x

Fab photos and what a great thing to be doing - both for the kids and the people in the grove. Rose said it was great and she’d love to do again - she said colouring was her favourite part and listening to the story x

Yes xander would love to go back. He had a lovely time chatting to everyone